Definition. Particular way in which each expresses his
thoughts, emotions or feelings.

Motion Design

Motion design is “the art of bringing graphics to life”. Also known as Motion Graphic Design, this animated video moves graphic elements, words, pictograms, drawings and all kinds of illustrations.

Motion design is generally used for communication projects and trainings. Motion design requires knowing how to synthesize a message while being creative. In the studio of our agency, we have graphic designers, illustrators and motion designers.

Animated video

Inspired by the cartoon, the characters and objects are broken down into a succession of drawings to give life to a video. Often based on a storytelling this style of video is very dynamic. The animation will capture an audience while allowing a clear message to be conveyed.

Video Scribing

The video scribing is a simple animation where illustrations are animated on the rhythm of a voice-over and/or music. It allows to captivate an audience thanks to the styles of simple and original drawings, adapted to the brands of the customers.


A film allows to tell a story,  explain a service or a product. Several formats are possible depending on your needs. TopoVideo can embed animations directly into the film to energize an actual shot.

360° Video

360° video, or immersive video, allows your audience to navigate through a 360° scene. The user will have control over the framing of the film and will be able to scroll from top to bottom and from right to left.

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