Definition. A set of pieces of creative work intended to demonstrate ability.

Schneider Electric SE

Improve your value chain

Sector : Innovation
Style : Motion Design
Year : 2016
Type : Tutorial


Schneider Electric is a French industrial group with international reach, which manufactures and sells products for the management of electricity, automation and solutions for these sectors. They needed to clearly explain the solutions they offer in the face of the Trends/Challenges of a fast-moving customer food industry.

Our solution:

We prepared a video in motion design to explain the innovations of Schneider Electric SE. Through the production chain of a yoghurt, we showcased the different technologies that the company can provide to its customers. The video was exhibited during a trade fair on technological innovations.


Open Data Fabric.

Sector : Innovation
Style : Motion Design
Year : 2020
Type : Present a product


Saagie is a fast-growing company. The sector: Big Data. It manages a platform that includes a large number of features, and it wanted to present it in a synthetic way at a trade fair. Saagie was especially concerned with showing that the service promised in the video is real.

Our solution :

We created a video in motion design to demonstrate Saagie’s platform. Since the video was to be presented at a trade fair, we had to find a way to make it understandable without a voice-over. With the images alone. For each feature and benefit summarised, we put visuals of the platform in the background in order to show that it is real.


Excellence in robotics

Sector : Healthcare
Style : Motion Design
Year : 2018
Type : Pitch an innovation


The startup Robocath had developed a robot to protect surgeons from the X-rays to which they are exposed during certain operations. This high-tech robot had to be presented to investors and to specialists at a trade fair. The animated video was a very good way to explain the operation of the device.

Our solution:

The client already had an idea for a video. We allowed them to implement it and we advised them. The story is used to show what happens without this tool, and what happens with the use of this tool. The two situations are mirrored. This was also the opportunity to show how the device is used and to demonstrate its high-tech features. The animation allowed great precision.

Amaury Sport Organisation

Le Tour de France

Sector : Sport
Style : Whiteboard Animation
Year : 2019
Type : Inform about an event


Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) is the chief organiser of major sporting events such as the Tour de France. Every year, ASO also organises L’Étape du Tour for amateur cyclists. On this day, cyclists can race a stage of the Tour in the same conditions as the professionals. ASO wanted to make a video to attract people to register and to set out everything that was available to participants. It wanted to exhibit the video at the event location. The timing was very tight. We committed ourselves, with ASO, to be as responsive as possible.

Our solution:

The video was to last a minute, no longer, and we had a lot of things to say. Simply listing them might bore viewers. So we told the story of “Phil,” a fictional character, from the moment he registers until the post-race party. With this story, we were able to show images of everything the event offers (race bib, training guide, mobile app, helicopter, technical support…) without having to enumerate them all. The graphical style is cheerful, which reaches a target audience of mainly male forty-somethings. And we created a travelling shot in the animation to show the continuity of the day.

MSD Animal Health Solutions

The red lice

Sector : Animal Healthcare
Style : Whiteboard
Année : 2017
Type : Train your employees / users


The laboratory was launching a product to protect against red lice, a pest which is ravaging poultry. Our client wanted to produce an explanatory and educational video to raise awareness among veterinarians and farmers about the diseases they cause, without selling their product. The video had to present the problems of red lice in an original way at trade meetings or appointments.

Our solution:

The animated video was a good choice: it was the best way to illustrate the ravages caused by red lice, which are microscopic animals; it was also the best way to make the topic – at first glance not very attractive – interesting, exciting, or even playful. We decided to create a slightly scary video to raise awareness and impact the target audience. Animation made it possible to illustrate the very rapid spread of the lice, which couldn’t be done any other way.

Organic Alliance

Organic wholesaler

Sector : Distribution
Style : Film
Year : 2019
Type : Presentation


Organic Alliance, born from the grouping of Vitafrais and Pronatura, is one of the leaders of organic distribution in France. To accompany the launch of their new site, the client needed a video presentation. The objective was to  highlight the production of organic products sold by the company.


We worked on the “from seed to plate” concept for this film. The shooting was done in 3 days, in 4 different farms. For each location, we also took drone shots in order to have introductory plans that highlight the farm environment. We let you discover the result in this video.

Eurofor Group

Expert of drilling equipment

Sector : Industry, Construction and public works
Style : Motion Design
Year : 2018
Type : Present a service


EUROFOR is specialised in the distribution, maintenance and rental of drilling equipment, accessories and tools. The company wanted to explain its ability to manufacture custom-made drilling materials. It wanted a tailor-made visual proposal and an original video concept for this external communications campaign.

Our solution:

Using the story of a drilling project on the Moon, our explanatory video allows the audience to imagine ambitious projects. From the concept to the completion of the project, we were able to present all of EUROFOR’s fields of intervention. Visually, we opted for a limited number of colours, close to the company’s graphic charter, and minimalist graphics.

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