Definition. The set of steps taken to achieve a goal,
quickly and easily

Rencontre 1

The meeting

We begin with an appointment with a project manager and a copywriter. The purpose of this interview is to understand your business, your communication needs, the story you want to tell, your target audience, as well as your tools and dissemination strategy. This gives us the material we neeg to begin to think.

The script

Taking into account everything you told us at the first interview, we write a first draft of the script. This forms the text of the voice-over. We use a vocabulary that is suited to the target audience

Script 2

Storyboard 3

The storyboard

Each sentence of the voice-over is associated with an image. These drawings are made by hand. They allow us to imagine what the final product will be like. It is still a draft, but your project is emerging. We refine the details together.

The illustration

You have commented on, corrected and validated the script and the storyboard. Our Illustrators prepare all the final images for the video. They are tailor-made drawings in a style that we defined together, based on your graphic charter and your objectives

Illustration 4

La voix off 5

The voice-over

Before recording the voice-over, we will offer advice on selection of the actor. Together, we pay close attention to the tone and pace, and make sure that all unusual words are pronounced correctly.

The video animation

The final images are ready, the voice-over has been recorded, and our motion designers and animators can begin to work. They are the people who bring the drawings to life. From simple 2D animation by way of graphic animation, they give movement and pace to your video, making it more dynamic. Of course, adding music and sound effects, too

Animation 6

Diffusion 7

The distribution

What use is a good video if it is not seen? At TopoVideo, our services include training on the distribution of your video. We help you to give it more visibility. Whether this is for an internal or external communication. 

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